PI System Components

Batch and Event Analysis
Increase production by improving process repeatability.

COM Connectors
Allow other enterprise systems to use PI architecture and clients, delivering data between UDS and foreign databases or data historians without storing them in PI Data Storage.

IT Monitor
Gain unparalleled insights into your IT networked infrastructure to improve performance, reliability and security.

PI ActiveView
Seamlessly renders existing PI ProcessBook displays for the Web.

PI Advanced Computing Engine (PI ACE)
Allows users to write equations, which are reusable on similar sets of data, with minimal effort.

PI AlarmView
Summarizes PI Alarm server information and displays those data in a hierarchical tree structure to any number of clients on- or off-site.

PI BatchView
Displays PI Batch data on Windows desktop computers.

PI ControlMonitor
Oversees plant control systems, ensuring accuracy, and keeps a historical system record.

PI DataLink
Allows PI to access and deliver data to and from spreadsheet programs and create easy-to-read reports.

PI DataStorage
A time-series archive that securely stores -- and makes instantly available -- a nearly limitless amount of accurate, consistent operational data.

PI Interfaces
Create high-speed links to data sources, providing real-time, fault-tolerant data to the PI System.

PI ManualLogger
Used to organize and manually enter data from handheld loggers, computer terminals, scanners, and other input devices into the PI System.

PI Module Database (PI ModuleDB)
Sorts PI System contents into useful groups; helps organize real-time data, stores parameters or specifications, and makes them ready for use in programs and displays.

PI ProcessBook
An easy-to-use graphics package that allows users to create dynamic, interactive graphical displays featuring real-time PI data.

PI ProcessTemplates
Allow users to evaluate process variables over repeatable time segments.

PI ProfileView
Creates a comprehensive display of "surface" data for monitoring sheet products.

PI Server Applications (PI ServerApps)
A robust set of processing tools that helps users get more out of their data by automating specific processes.

PI System Management Tools (PI SMT)
A set of applications to administer the PI System from client PCs.

Drive your product innovations to the market more efficiently with OSIsoft’s ProcessPoint.

The ProTRAQ Vendor Managed Inventory Service helps you manage your inventory supply chain from end to end.

RLINK is a bi-directional gateway between production floor data (PI) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) systems, such as SAP R/3, JD Edwards OneWorld, MRO Software Maximo and Indus International PassPort/EMPAC.

This set of applications alerts you to business opportunities or issues requiring your attention.

This software architecture enables companies to define a frame of reference or context for data, and based on some event or specific request, to gather all the relevant data from disparate sources for presentation to individuals based on their roles.

RtPM Business Package for the SAP Portal
Lets you see representational renderings of enterprise data in your SAP portal environment.

RtPortal is a set of configurable, role-based portal and smart client tools used to display processes, documents and information for effective team collaboration based on either Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server or SAP Enterprise Portal.

Simplify regulatory compliance of electronic reports with this out-of-the-box reporting system that generates and manages compliant electronic batch reports from the RtPM Platform and other data sources.

Allows users to build personalized pages in Microsoft SharePoint to monitor and manage real-time operations data.

Validates production information, verifies data quality, and helps produce clean, consistent, reliable data.

Software Reliance Program
The Software Reliance Program ensures complete maintenance and continuous improvement of the RtPM Platform within a predictable budget.